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A friendly Marble Hornets PSA: Please don’t touch the buildings


We’ve had several people tell us that they were going to go visit some of the locations we’ve previously used during the filming of Marble Hornets. Obviously we think that’s pretty cool. However, we’ve also received reports that some of our locations now have MH-specific graffiti written on them. We would like to humbly request that you please please PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! You never know which ones we might plan on returning to, and it would be a shame if we couldn’t do so because somebody spray-painted “Ⓧ MH RULEZ 2012 Ⓧ BRANDON WAS HERE” all over it.

Please spread this around as much as you can to any MH viewers you know. We appreciate the support, but at the end of the day stuff like this just ends up being counter-productive.

Thank you for reading!


Things you need to know about the TribeTwelve Livestream…


1. There was a video that went with that creepy music, a video I worked really damn hard on. It’ll be uploaded to YouTube once I figure out how to render it without premiere erroring on me.
2. The livestream didn’t record, only 38 seconds. I guess that was all Stickam thought it was worth. No matter, I have it mostly recorded on my camera. I’ll upload the good bits and then the special part when I went off screen.
3. Someone named thedebo777 on YouTube summarized it well, being the top comment on the Catharsis video:


He basically acts drunk for like an hour, passed 11:11, but at about 12:03 he suddenly proclaims “IMPOSSIBLE” like he is seeing something horrifying, gets his knife, gets out of the shot, and for three minutes weird music is playing. After he gets back he says he is has footage that he will upload but will not explain, then he starts watching a video on his computer with the same creepy music, is petrified, then signs off.“ 

4. FUCK YOU STICKAM. Your shit service has lost you a valued customer.
5. Please reblog this post so TribeTwelve fans can see, thanks guys ~