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Regardless of if a woman is in a bikini leaving the beach or showing zero skin, it’s not okay to sexually harass her. Then she told him that she felt disrespected and he antagonized the situation. AND BEFORE I hear anything about her attire and how she obviously wanted to be noticed, she was leaving the beach. And women don’t dress to make your dick hard. I would have been upset and “freaked out” also. What disheartens me is that even more WOMEN were commenting on her attire. Ladies, we need to support and stand by our sisters so that men can stop having excuses to treat us with disrespect.

Why the fuck does this garbage dirtball have 5 million subscribers? because people still perpetuate the idea that it’s okay to disrespect women because they should take it as a compliment.

I’d make a video if I had a way to upload it. For now, I’ll just post it and hope he loses his credibility.

This isn’t funny. She isn’t overreacting. This is disgusting. 

Brief Conversation With a Vanilla Friend (Who's Also Somewhat Slutty, and I Love Her)

  • Friend: "So it was the same guy - remember that hot Puerto Rican from, like, two years ago? He was there!"
  • Me: "Shut the front door. You... did... NOT."
  • Friend: "Hell, yes I did! He's hot! But it got kinda weird for a sec..."
  • Me: "Weird how? The nipple rings?"
  • Friend: "Shut up! No... He wanted me to give him head... which, you know, of course...
  • Me: "Of course."
  • Friend: "But he kept pushing my head down..."
  • Me: "Right..."
  • Friend: "No, like hard."
  • Me: "Right..."
  • Friend: "Like... I almost couldn't breathe."
  • Me: "Right..."
  • Friend: "So I told him I couldn't breathe, then he said... he said, 'I wanna hear you gag on my cock'"
  • Me: "Right..."
  • Friend: "..."
  • Me: "..."
  • Friend: "OH, MY GOD. You like that shit don't you?!"